• Banquet Hall

    500 people in the Theatre Style
    for a big Banquets.

  • Executive Hall A/c

    100 persons in the Theatre Style.

  • Mini Hall

    75 Persons in the Theatre Style
    for mini functions and get together

  • Privilege Hall A/c

    30 persons in the theatre style
    for Executive Conference

  • Vision

    To keep up to the healthy traditional values of Kerala and offer our guests the best that the hospitality industry can offer.

  • Restaurant

    We take pride in the wide array of mouth watering dishes that are laid out to suit your taste buds. Indian, continental and Chinese cuisines are in the offering.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to constantly strive to improve on the quality of the services we render and to assure that each guest who visit our premise comes back again, only to us and refers only us when it comes to staying or dining.

  • Speciality

    Our specialty lies in the continual improvement in each and every aspect of our operations. Our room service personnel are given special training once in every quarter. Our front desk is appraised with the latest trends in the industry, and is continuously in pursuit of improving the activities.